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Imago Vitae (Latin for 'Image of Life') is a new approach to local, affordable and independent photography that seeks to captures special moments of life as it is being lived!

Our mission is to provide the local community with access to quality photography services that can capture intimate moments of either the presence of an individual, moments with family and friends, or a beloved animal companion, using natural and candid style photography that is sensitively processed through post-production editing via Adobe Creative Suite services.. We believe every home should have its essence captured and hubris proudly displayed. To make this ambition achievable we are committed to delivering our services with some of the most affordable and competitive prices in the local area. Find out more about us below:


Having a photoshoot should be easy. A simple process of either exploring the moment to capture natural images, or preparing to immortalise a special event or celebration with loved ones. It should also be clear, and affordable. Our prices always include VAT, so there are no hidden costs, and we always endeavour to keep our rates affordable for our community as everyone should have access to high quality photographs to capture life as it is being lived. 

  • First, a quote for your desired photoshoot style. Accept our Terms and booking quote, then check for a confirmation email with the details (date, time, location)

  • On the day, feel ready and comfortable for the session to begin by a quick talk-through. During the session, we can offer real-time direction to capture various styles for the moment. 

  • After the session, we review and select the best images for editing; using Adobe Creative Softwares like Photoshop and Lightroom, you will receive edited samples to choose from within our dedicated Client Area 


  • Finally, with your images chosen, we electronically send them to you in high-resolution & watermark-free, via secure file transfer. Refer to our Terms for more details


Taking true inspiration from Rome, we also enjoy festival and celebration periods; promotions, and special offers can be received throughout the year by subscribing to our mailing list.


We send out exclusive offers directly to your inbox, with early-access promotions to our subscribers on our mailing list, and often share details of our upcoming special offers before anywhere else.


Check out our  social media on: Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok, search for us: @ImagoVitaePhotography

Thanks for joining!

Tabula Amicorum et Vitae
(A list of friends & life)


As a family team we all collaborate and invest our interests and passions together to bring Imago Vitae Photography to our community. 

By designing & keeping sessions highly interactive, Elizabeth seeks to capture the intimate and personal images of life; including  baby/toddler, celebration shoots, along with capturing furry friends and loved animals. Elizabeth favours interactive photoshoots to capture the true essence of life in the moment

Favouring the simplicity and sharp style of minimalist photography, with clean lighting and backgrounds, Lewis focuses on the simple, natural, and raw framing of portraits & headshots to capture the presence of an individual, the intimacy between family, friends, loved ones & the unique expressions of our loved animal friends

As consultant, Chris helps to develop our business and bring together the vision of our service by helping us learn and grow. As an experienced photographer and videographer, with numerous awards, Chris provides the foundation for Imago Vitae to be able to deliver on its mission. We are excited to partner with his business: Out of the Ark Productions










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